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A media event like no other- combining smarts, humor & the absurdity of the global cannabis bonanza

New Hemp Times is a new media production of the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health (IRCCMH).  Imagine a professional comedian, a cannabis expert, an unapologetic farmer, and a therapist walk into a "coffee shop". We go live each Wednesday at 4pm EST to combine intelligence, humor, and the absurdity of the global cannabis bonanza. Comedian Greer Barnes, the unapologetic farmer Randy Cameron Jr., and researchers Dr. Jahan Marcu and Dr. Jan Roberts provide insight into cannabis today. Our lively, informative podcast addresses issues that people ought to know about weed.

Regular features will include High Science, Cannabis Crafts, Cannabusters and Karate Sandwich ™. Other questions you can expect answered on the show: Does CBD in your coffee actually do anything? Can marijuana use help with opioid addiction? What happens when you send your friend into a bodega to try to buy weed? (Yes, there will be humorous segments mixed in with topical discussions. We blame Greer for this!)


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About the hosts

Greer Barnes, Actor & Comedian


A Bronx native, Greer Barnes is one of the most talented performers in the New York comedy scene. Upon turning thirteen, Greer received his Bar Mitzvah, thanks to his upbringing with his mother and Jewish stepdad. Greer was a high school baseball star, scouted by the San Francisco Giants, until he suffered a career-ending injury as an 18 year old. Following this injury, he pursued his backup dream as a stand up comedian. 

Greer has succeeded, piling up television credits, including Chappelle’s Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, Last Call with Carson Daly, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and In Living Color. In 2009, he landed a half-hour Comedy Central Presents special. 

Greer merged his passion for baseball and performance when he appeared in For The Love of the Game, a successful sports film starring Kevin Costner. Greer has also appeared in commercials for both the NFL and the NBA. Based in New York, Greer is a regular at the Comedy Cellar.

Additionally, Greer is co-owner of Brooklyn Sprout Social Enterprise, Brooklyn's first worker/owner unionized co-op, with Randy Cameron Jr.

Check out a collection of Greer's standup comedy material on Youtube

Dr. Jahan Marcu, Cannabis Expert & Researcher


Jahan Marcu, Ph.D., is a co-founder for the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health (IRCCMH). Dr. Marcu is the former Chief Science Officer at Americans for Safe Access (a medical cannabis advocacy non-profit) and former Director of the Patient Focused Certification program, which is a health and safety oversight program that assesses regulatory compliance at cannabis operations. 

He is co-founder and past-chairman of the CANN subdivision of the Chemical Health and Safety Division (DCHAS) of the American Chemical Society. His is also on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Cannabinoids as Medicine.  He has a background in analytical chemistry and molecular pharmacology, he received his Ph.D. for contributions in characterizing the structure and function of the cannabinoid receptors. He is an author of the American Herbal Pharmacopeia's Cannabis Monograph and serves on multiple expert government, trade association committees, scientific organizations and is a court-qualified synthetic cannabinoid and cannabis expert. 

Dr. Marcu has helped create medical cannabis educational training for clinicians and for workers in the medical cannabis industry, and has been invited to speak at many international conferences and universities, including the University of Leiden, Temple University School of Medicine, Princeton Hospital, and Yale University. Dr. Marcu is also a court qualified expert witness on cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids.

Dr. Marcu is a recipient of the Billy Martin research award from the International Cannabinoid Research Society.

Dr. Jan Roberts, LCSW, Therapist & Cannabis Researcher


Jan Roberts is a co-founder for IRCCMH and serves as CEO and Director of Translational Research. Ms. Roberts is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who owns and operates one of the largest collaborative care practices in the mid-Atlantic region, Partners in Health and Wellbeing. Ms. Roberts is a clinician and an entrepreneur with an activist spirit who has extensive experience running both non-profit and for-profit healthcare organizations. 

Ms. Roberts teaches at NYU Silver School of Social Work and is currently working on a funded study of Mental Health Clinicians and Knowledge and Attitudes on Cannabis.  She is also Guest-Editor for a Special Issue on Cannabis and Mental Health for the Clinical Social Work Journal (CSWJ).  

In addition to providing care to patients at her practices in Manhattan and Delaware, Ms. Roberts is one of the founders of the first integrative care center in Delaware,  Integrative Health Delaware- A Center for Health and Research.  

Ms. Roberts' decision to create IRCCMH resulted from her dedication to provide her patients with the most current research to improve their mood regulation and to create a sense of well-being. Her current interest is on the clinical application of cannabis in mental health settings and focusing on maladaptive coping strategies rather than a substance-based approach to treating addictions. As a result, Ms. Roberts is especially interested in educating fellow mental health clinicians on the most recent research findings to address stigma and lack of knowledge related to cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and mental health outcomes. She keenly believes that research should influence policy not vice-versa.

Randy Cameron Jr., the unapologetic farmer


Randy Cameron Jr., a native New Yorker, has been a professional angler and expert fish keeper for over 30 years. With a deep passion for social justice, he has helped members of his community learn how to use hydroponics for sustainable agriculture, which included hemp and fish farming. After developing a seizure disorder, Randy found that his symptoms were effectively treated with cannabis. 

Randy started Skyponic Farming in 2011 which combines his experience with fish farming and program development for underserved populations. Randy is certified in aquaponic farm management, system construction, bio-filtration, and water chemistry by the Buffalo State University, through the Massachusetts Avenue Project. Skyponic Farming's mission was to introduce aquaponics, hydroponics, and green-roof scaping to the emerging “Green” industry in New York City. Back in 2005, they believed that legalized cannabis cultivation was just a dream. Along with Greer Barnes and John Ramahlo, they had an opportunity to establishing themselves in other areas of urban farming. 

In 2018, Randy founded Brooklyn Sprout Social Enterprise, LLC which is Brooklyn’s first Worker/Owner Unionized Co-Op, specializing in controlled environment hydroponic farming. The collective 20+ years of dedication to the cultivation of cannabis gives them the opportunity to be one of the leaders in the New York state medical cannabis industry. 

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